ABCs of Skin Care- E is for Extractions

By Laurie Neronha / May 3, 2019

Is your favorite part of a professional facial when the esthetician cleans out your pores? Are you ready to admit your addiction to binging episodes of Dr Pimple Popper? Do you spend hours in the mirror scouring every pore on your face for blackheads? If you answered yes, you may have an extraction addiction. Not…

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bone broth with garlic and parsley

ABCs of Skin Care ~ D is for Digestion

By Laurie Neronha / March 21, 2019

You might be thinking I made a mistake writing about digestion and the skin, but its no mistake. Digestion, or how we intake, process, absorb and excrete food, plays an enormous role in healthy skin. We quite literally ARE what we eat, and the result of what we eat shows up on our skin. The…

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ABCs of Skin Care ~ C is for Coconut Oil (not for acne!)

By Laurie Neronha / March 15, 2019

It blows my mind that bloggers, Health Coaches, skin care professionals, and even doctors are still saying that coconut oil is great for the skin. It’s just not true. Its what I call Blogger BS.

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woman covering her face with blanket

ABCs of Skin Care ~ B is for Blackheads or Comedones

By Laurie Neronha / March 14, 2019

How does a comedone form? Wait, don’t you mean blackhead? Are they the same thing? We say blackhead, but those annoying dark specks that fill our pores and drive us to distraction are technically known as comedones. So are blackheads really a problem? They can be. They can stay relatively small, or they can grow…

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ABCs of Skin Care ~ A is for Acne (the 4 causes of acne)

By Laurie Neronha / March 12, 2019

Truth Bomb: getting your skin clear and acne free will take more than just changing your diet. Addressing all 4 causes of acne is key. Acne….dun dun dunnnnn (cue the scary music)… No one wants to wake up with a giant honking red ZIT on the end of their nose, but some of us are…

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