Age-Defense Facials

We don't believe in "cookie-cutter" facial treatments, so we just don't offer them. We DO offer custom facial treatments based on what YOUR skin needs, right now.

Your esthetician will guide you to the best options for your skin.

All services are non-medical and needle-free. These are just some of the age-defense facial treatments we have:

  • Hydrafacials
  • Jet Plasma Pen Rejuvenation
  • Rezenerate Nano- Infusion (needle free "microneedling")
  • Hydrojelly Masks
  • Progressive Chemical Peels including glycolic, lactic, TCA, mandelic and synergies
  • Sculplla poly-L Lactic acid facial
  • Botinol Wrinkle Relaxing Infusion
  • Red and Blue LED
  • Microcurrent
  • Gua Sha Fusion, Dien Chen Facial reflexology
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • and more


Level 7 Age-Less Custom Facial Treatment

If you're serious about your skin care, this is the facial treatment for you. Ideal for: Intensive wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, brightening. The pinnacle of skin perfection, blending Jet Plasma Pen Rejuvenation technology with top-tier actives. Includes Jet Plasma Pen Treatment, Ultra-Potent Barrier-Enhancing Serums, Premium Masks. Premium Barrier-Preserving Peel included at no additional cost. Enjoy gentle facial rejuvenation without needles, fillers, or scalpels.

Level 6 Zen Custom Skin Treatment

Ideal for: Deep rejuvenation, collagen building, scar minimizing. Experience the glowing results of non-invasive skin renewal with Nano-microneedling. Includes: Nano-Rezenerate Infusion, Premium Barrier-Enhancing Masks (ex: Gold, Caviar, Peptides), Potent Serums. Premium Barrier-Preserving Peel included at no additional charge.

Level 5 Renewal Custom Skin Treatment

Ideal for: Deep lines, sculpting facial contours, quench parched skin. This top-tier treatment is tailored to offer profound nourishment and barrier support. Includes cleansing, polish, Potent Barrier-Enhancing Serums Infusion, Luxe Mask, Eye Treatment. Premium Barrier-Preserving Peel included at no additional charge.

Level 4 Barrier Repair Custom Facial Treatment

Advanced age defense! Enjoy a specialized facial treatment to fortify your skin’s natural defenses against aging. Includes: Cleansing, polish, Double Serum Infusion, Luxe Treatment Mask, Eye Treatment. We include a Next-Generation Barrier-Preserving Peel to guarantee WOW results.

Level 3 Resilience Custom Facial Treatment

Ideal for: Fine lines, dullness. Re-establish a luminous complexion and youthful resilience. Includes Extractions, Targeted Barrier Serum, Treatment Mask, Soothing Eye Treatment. We include an Advanced Barrier-Preserving Peel at no additional cost. A great option for Adult Acne! First time clients please book "A Warm Welcome" service.

Level 2 Glow-Up Custom Facial Treatment

A classic facial ideal for minor skin concerns and complexion brightening. Refresh your skin with Cleansing, Light Extractions, Barrier-Enhancing Serum and Treatment Mask. We include a gentle brightening peel at no additional charge. First time clients please book "A Warm Welcome" service.

Level 1 Express Skin Treatment

A no nonsense lunch-time facial! Ideal for: maintenance care this "mini" facial from the jawline up is perfect to refresh your skin and maintain its natural protective barrier.. No need to change clothes. Includes Cleansing, Targeted Barrier-Enhancing Serum, Treatment Mask. Super smoothing gentle peel included at no additional cost. First time clients please book "A Warm Welcome" service.

De-Puffing Lymph Drainage Machine Assisted

Reduce eye puffiness, acne and "orange peel" skin, support healing from aggressive skin treatments like IPL, and promote overall radiance with regular lymphatic facial therapy. This time sensitive skin treatment uses a combination of machines and manual lymph drainage to help your skin glow! Perfect after facial surgery of any kind to help reduce swelling and discoloration. Relaxing and therapeutic.