The Award Winning Hydrafacial Experience in Providence, RI

Hydrafacial is a fantastic device-based facial that creates an instant glow:

  • CLEANSE - Reveal a fresh layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and resurfacing.
  • EXTRACT - Remove gunk from your pores with painless vortex extractions.
  • HYDRATE - Finish your skins' makeover with a juicy infusion of antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow.
  • BOOST - Elevate your Essential Hydrafacial to a full ~treatment~ with a Booster vial. These powerful cocktails take your skin to the next level of gorgeous!

HELLO Hydrafacial!

OMG have you had a Hydrafacial yet? For New Clients only! Get healthy glowing skin fast with no downtime, redness or discomfort. We schedule extra consultation time in this first visit to make sure we are targeting your biggest skin concerns. For a limited time, receive $50 credit toward any skin care purchase!

Hydrafacial Essential

Fast and efficient, the Essential HF treatment for the face cleanses, exfoliates, painlessly extracts clogged pores, and deeply infuses a cocktail of hydrating antioxidants using patented Vortex Fusion technology.

HydraFacial ACNE Clarifying + Manual Pore Cleaning

The Essential ACNE HF treatment for the face, with additional deep cleansing manual extractions and blue or red LED to disinfect and stabilize oil production. This treatment is from the jawline up. Excellent as a supportive treatment with our AcneRX program.

HydraFacial Advanced w/ Booster (Most Requested!)

The Essential HF plus LED and a specialty BOOSTER to elevate this skin treat to a full "Treatment". Your esthetician will select a booster best suited for you: brightening, age defying, line softening, redness reducing, super hydrating, firming and more!

Ready for the Best Hydrafacial in Providence, RI?