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ABCs of Skin Care ~ B is for Blackheads or Comedones

By Laurie Neronha / March 14, 2019

How does a comedone form? Wait, don’t you mean blackhead? Are they the same thing? We say blackhead, but those annoying dark specks that fill our pores and drive us to distraction are technically known as comedones. So are blackheads really a problem? They can be. They can stay relatively small, or they can grow…

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ABCs of Skin Care ~ A is for Acne (the 4 causes of acne)

By Laurie Neronha / March 12, 2019

Truth Bomb: getting your skin clear and acne free will take more than just changing your diet. Addressing all 4 causes of acne is key. Acne….dun dun dunnnnn (cue the scary music)… No one wants to wake up with a giant honking red ZIT on the end of their nose, but some of us are…

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We Rate 10 Unusual (and weird) Skin Treatments: Do They Really Work?

By Laurie Neronha / October 15, 2018

Let’s talk about some weird skin and beauty treatments. Ratings included!  Yes some do work, while others are just a whole lotta marketing hype. I am a full time licensed Esthetician since 1997, and I own a specialty skin care practice in Providence RI. So I can safely say I’ve seen it all…  Here are…

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Dry Winter Skin? 13 Ways to Beat the Dry without Breaking the Bank

By Laurie Neronha / November 6, 2015

Snowflakes, skiing, hot chocolate, Netflix marathons…what’s not to like about winter? Well, maybe the dry, flaky, itchy skin… Dry Skin doesn’t have enough oil. Oily skin has plenty of oil. Dehydrated skin however, doesn’t have enough water. This is why you can have very oily skin, but still feel quite dry in the winter: its…

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stop wasting your money

12+ Tips to Stop Wasting Money on Your Skin Care Products!

By Laurie Neronha / October 21, 2015

Are you wasting money in your beauty budget on skin care? The average woman spends $15,000 on beauty products including skin care in her lifetime according to In Style. Some sources peg that number at $2000 per year. Maybe those big numbers aren’t in your budget, but chances are, you have put a few dollars…

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