Getting a Facial Treatment While You Have Cancer

Self-Care is crucial to healing. Your Team at Viriditas is "ONCOLOGY TRAINED", which means they have received special training to  understand the challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis.


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Most importantly, they are trained how to provide a SAFE TREATMENT, one that will not compromise your skin further, and will not put you at risk of lymphedema or infection.


WE ARE NOT DOCTORS, AND WE DO NOT "TREAT CANCER", but we can help your skin feel more comfortable and provide a gentle caring touch that is so helpful with the healing process.


SAFE Spa Treatments for men and women can be relaxing, soothing, calming, nurturing, hydrating and may include:

  • facials,
  • scalp massage,
  • hand treatments
  • foot treatments


Yes, even DURING active chemotherapy, radiation and post surgery.

For many people, the side effects from a cancer diagnosis can linger for years, and skin treatments may need to be modified to ensure safety, even 20 years after treatment.


We can help with:


Laurie Neronha, owner of Viriditas and Senior Esthetician, is a Regional Trainer for Oncology Spa Solutions, meaning that she trains other estheticians and spa professionals in oncology skin care.


You really can enjoy a relaxing, therapeutic spa experience with no worries about health and safety.


Yes, gift certificates are available!

Skin Comfort and Hydration Treatment

Gentle, hydrating, therapeutic touch for survivors and those dealing with the side effects of active anti-cancer therapies including chemo, radiation, and surgery. Special care is given to safely work around ports, lymph node removal and radiation injury by your Esthetician who is Oncology Trained. This treatment is highly customized, and is designed to calm and comfort dry, irritated, sensitized skin, and allow a space for relaxation and quiet repose. Depending on your needs, this service may include comfort for the face, scalp, hands and feet. If you are in active treatment, please let us know the date of your last infusion when booking.


Skin Comfort Caregivers Treat

Having a friend or loved one with cancer is devastating, and can take its toll on not only the patient, but the primary caregiver as well. Enjoy a mini facial, hand and foot massage with this relaxing treatment designed to take care of YOU, the caregiver
for a while.