Dark Skin Spots: Understanding Freckles with Mr Fitz and the Umbrella Factories

By Laurie Neronha / February 2, 2015

Skin spots or dark spots aka hyperpigmentation are one of the most common concerns clients have. We aren’t talking about those cute little spots on puppies, kittens and baby deer. Nope, this is about those spots otherwise known as liver spots, age spots, old lady dots, leopard spots or just plain old freckles. In order…

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Out damn spot, out I say! Clearing acne on the back…or should we say BACNE

By Laurie Neronha / February 11, 2014

Often referred to as “bacne” (!), acne affecting the back and chest respond to the same products used for the face. Because the skin on the body is thicker, it can tolerate stronger concentrations. Remember Pimples = Oil + Dead Skin + Bacteria + inflammation. To effectively banish blemishes, you need to address all four.…

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raccoon walking on lawn grass

Why Do I Have Dark Circles Under My eyes?

By Laurie Neronha / September 2, 2013

Dark under eye circles tend to show up on all of us from time to time. Some days you might even ask yourself, “do I have raccoon genes?” I’m reasonably sure you are 100% human. But figuring out why those pesky dark circles are showing up can be a little tricky. I’ve listed some of…

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baked loft bread on white surface

Whole grain goodness? Or massive age accelerator?

By Laurie Neronha / March 16, 2012

I see clients for skin care.  Facials, age-management, acne, and more often than not, clients have concerns about the texture, color and signs of aging. The root source of all aging is inflammation. Changes in skin texture, color and other signs of aging are caused by inflammation.  Changes that are visible on the skin often…

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woman using eyeglasses and wearing hat

Help! I’ve aged and I can’t grow up!

By Laurie Neronha / February 4, 2012

EEK!  Just when I thought it was safe to look in the mirror again, there they were.  Little crinkly things around my eyes, OMG I think those are ~~WRINKLES! No, no, it must have been a trick of the light, or a smudge of leftover mascara. I’ll try making the “mirror face,” you know, the…

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