Careers With Our Team Based Pay Culture

Are you tired of working in a salon or spa that simply oozes drama?

Do you want to feel appreciated for the work you do? Do you want to take your skills and career to the next level?

Does the science of skin care make your heart flutter?

Are you holistically minded, especially when it comes to skin and health?

Do you want a flexible schedule that allows you a monthly Saturday off?

Do you want to do more than just "perform" a facial or book an appointment?

Would you also like a steady paycheck, 401-K, paid vacation, paid training, complementary services, monthly gratis allowance and a generous employee discount?

Do you thrive with work based on the principles of Compassion, Integrity and Education?

Do you believe in supporting the skin as opposed to abusing it?

Do you understand that cultivating healthy skin goes way beyond just the products you use everyday?

Are you a professional? In whatever you do? Do you function well, thrive even, as part of a real TEAM?

If you answered yes, maybe we should talk.

We have a different vibe here at Viriditas.

Every team member pitches in to clean up, help clients, fold towels, stock shelves and make this a home away from home.

Behold!  You are about to learn our secret to happiness!

 We don’t pay commission.

Do you dread going in some places because as soon as you walk in the door,  a salesperson drops off the ceiling or leaps out from behind a large potted plant?

We know the feeling too, and we don’t like it.

So we designed our system to be different and more enjoyable. How, you ask?

We compensate all of our staff hourly.

This means no matter what’s going on, whether they are booked or not, they are getting paid.

By compensating our staff on what’s known as a “Team Based” system,  it allows us to function more efficiently and allows our clients more flexibility.

The entire focus of our team is to ensure every guest’s day is being made. This even comes down to products.

When our staff is recommending a product, it’s because they truly believe it’s the best product for the client, not because they’re trying to make commission on the sale. The same goes for services too!

If you think you would be a perfect addition to our team, send us your resume and cover letter to and let's talk about our next opening.