8 Reasons Why You Need to Start Dry Brushing Your Skin Right Now

By Laurie Neronha / October 21, 2015

One of the best things you can incorporate into your health and beauty routine is dry brushing. Not only will the brushing gently exfoliate dull dry skin, allowing better penetration of moisturizer, it can also give your immune system a big boost. When done properly (gentle upward strokes, towards the heart, focusing on inner parts of…

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8 Ways We Keep You Safe at Viriditas Beautiful Skin Care Clinic During Flu Season

By Laurie Neronha / October 9, 2015

Whether its a sniffle, head cold, or full-on influenza, there are simple everyday things we do for our clients to prevent the spread of germs here at Viriditas. Here in our skin care clinic, the primary thing is to WASH YOUR HANDS. Frequently! Studies show this is  the most efficient means of preventing the spread…

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woman in black shirt smiling

Beautiful Skin = Healthy Function

By Laurie Neronha / March 2, 2015

Its all about Function Healthy Skin functions well. Looking good is a side effect. Our precious skin has a lot of responsibilities: barrier, temperature control, immune defense, sensation, keeping us from dissolving into a wet blob of mush… The function of our skin is affected by our environment and our lifestyle choices. Specifically: diet, exercise,…

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Dark Skin Spots: Understanding Freckles with Mr Fitz and the Umbrella Factories

By Laurie Neronha / February 2, 2015

Skin spots or dark spots aka hyperpigmentation are one of the most common concerns clients have. We aren’t talking about those cute little spots on puppies, kittens and baby deer. Nope, this is about those spots otherwise known as liver spots, age spots, old lady dots, leopard spots or just plain old freckles. In order…

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Clearing Acne on the Back AKA: BACNE

By Laurie Neronha / February 11, 2014

Often referred to as “bacne” (!), acne affecting the back and chest respond to the same products used for the face. Because the skin on the body is thicker, it can tolerate stronger concentrations. Remember: Pimples = Oil + Dead Skin + Bacteria + inflammation. To effectively banish blemishes, you need to address all four.…

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