IG TV screenshot testosterone and acne

Testosterone and Acne

By Laurie Neronha / October 23, 2020

Our 60 second video lowdown on how testosterone affects acne. Just click the photo or watch it here : Spoiler alert: dairy foods really can be a problem, for several reasons. Find out more about food and digestion can affect your skin here. Read more about acne here.

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white ceramic mug on white table beside black eyeglasses

If you have acne and a cold, read this RIGHT NOW.

By Laurie Neronha / February 28, 2020

Suffering with both acne and a cold (hello nightmare)? Don’t make your skin worse with a tissue full of comedogenic ingredients. Seriously. Getting sick is inevitable. Even if you live alone, under a rock, or in the desert. Bacteria and viruses are just a part of life. Some are friendly and some…well lets just say…

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skin care lies and the people who tell them

ABCs of Skin Care ~ G is for Gullible (skin care lies)

By Laurie Neronha / September 19, 2019

Don’t listen to the empty promises and skin care lies! There are a lot of dishonest players in the skin care game, just waiting for a gullible victim to prey on, and they want your money. Ok, I admit this probably sounds like it has little to do with skin care, but hear me out.…

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woman holding clear glass bottle

ABCs of Skin Care: F is for Fragrance in Skincare

By Laurie Neronha / August 5, 2019

We like things that smell good. WE like to smell good. Think about the the FIRST thing you do when you open up a bottle of milk? How about when you pick up a bottle of lotion? YOU SMELL IT. Why? Because our reptilian brain knows that if it smells unpleasant, it will probably make…

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ABCs of Skin Care- E is for Extractions

By Laurie Neronha / May 3, 2019

Is your favorite part of a professional facial when the esthetician cleans out your pores? Are you ready to admit your addiction to binging episodes of Dr Pimple Popper? Do you spend hours in the mirror scouring every pore on your face for blackheads? If you answered yes, you may have an extraction addiction. Not…

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