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How to Get Clear Acne-Free Skin in 3 Easy Steps:

Make an Appointment

Book your AcneRX Fresh Start or Hello Hydrafacial! Your skin professional creates a one-of-a-kind acne treatment program just for You.

Use the Products

Professional strength clinical and botanical skin care products specifically for Your skin needs. No more guessing and hoping a product works.

Get the Compliments

Healthy skin is beautiful! As Your skin improves, maintaining it becomes effortless. You might even get tired of all the compliments on Your natural glow.


Waking up to clear acne-free, smoother skin *every day*

Feeling confident going without makeup every day.

Knowing that everything You are putting on Your skin is actually helping and not making things worse.

At Viriditas you get:

Professional one-on-one guidance on Your clear skin quest.

Help identifying those frustrating acne triggers You may not be aware of.

Products and treatments that efficiently target inflammation, breakouts, dark spots and acne scarring at the same time.

  • Do You wake up with new pimples every day?
  • Are you struggling with fine lines AND blemishes?
  • Do You get a new blemish in the same spot every month??
  • Tired of trendy skin care advice from "influencers" who know nothing about acne?

Welcome! I'm Laurie Neronha, esthetician, herbalist, and founder of Viriditas Beautiful Skin Therapies.

Since 2007, we've helped thousands of Clients achieve beautiful healthy skin with award winning tailored facial treatments and carefully selected home care regimens.

Let’s work together to fine tune Your skin care routine so You can get the Best Skin of Your Life.

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