Thousands of real results for acne. Proven treatments that work. Optimized lifestyle recommendations. FINALLY, clear confident skin.

The Viriditas Approach for Acne

Treatments that empower you to *finally* get clear skin.

The Acne Rx Consultation helps your licensed acne specialist get to the root of all potential causes that could be contributing to your acne.

You’ll leave with:

  • a customized home care program
  • follow-up treatments scheduled every 2 weeks
  • lifestyle shifts that support clear skin

Your program is modified every two weeks: products are strengthened as your skin adapts.

We've helped hundreds of people beat acne, let us help
you too.

YES, this program works whether you are able to come to Providence for treatments or you are on our Virtual Program!

Is Viriditas For You?


  • You are serious about taking good care of your skin
  • You are willing to invest the time and care at home: we’re talking five minutes in the morning and evening --every single day –– no skipping out. This is the most important part of your treatment!
  • You’ve tried just about EVERYTHING, including prescriptions and still haven’t found an acne solution that actually works.



  • You are currently using Accutane or have used it in the last 6 months. Acne treatments may be temporarily drying; combining Accutane with our proven approach is too intense.
  • You are currently using antibiotics, topical or internal acne medication. Again, the combined approaches are too strong.



Read our FAQ about the AcneRX program here

AcneRX Services

Acne RX Consult and First Treatment

(New clients only) This is the Viriditas Signature in-depth acne consultation PLUS first treatment! Are you ready to FINALLY say goodbye to acne? Consultation also available online. BONUS:For a limited time, receive $50 OFF your first recommended skin care purchase!

Acne RX Extract Classic

Designed to support and accelerate your home care acne protocols: includes a light proprietary peel or enzyme, extractions and disinfection only. This selection is ONLY for clients actively participating in the AcneRX program, as your home care will significantly impact its effectiveness. *Acne RX Consultation required.

Acne RX Extract and CALM

Our newest signature treatment for acne: includes cleansing, gentle skin softening, manual extractions, disinfection PLUS a calming mask OR LED light to fight future breakouts.  *Acne RX Consultation required.

Ready to *finally* get clear skin?

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