Skin Care Treatments in our Providence Clinic

A Warm Welcome Healthy Skin Consultation IN OFFICE

START HERE: (new clients only) on your very first visit to Viriditas, your skin and your home care routine get the full analysis: after a "micro-facial" where we get an up-close look at what's going on with your skin, you leave with a solid plan to address your skin concerns. Bring all your home care and come with a clean face. After your consult receive $75 OFF your first skin care purchase or first treatment!

Viriditas Signature Custom Facial Treatment

Whatever your skin care goals, this healthy skin treatment is fast and effective. Indulge your skin with 50 minutes of highly focused care selected by your skin therapist.
Peel included.

50 minutes $154.21

Essential Rezenerate Nano-Boost

"Zen" your skin with active botanicals, peptides and hydration to leave your skin soft, smooth and refreshed. Includes a thorough exfoliation and Rezenerate Infusion focused on the cheeks, chin, and forehead. Painless, and helpful for acne scarring, discoloration and even fine lines.
(No extractions)

50 minutes $154.21

GM Collin Clinical Hydrolifting Treatment

This relaxing treatment visibly restores the skin to a more youthful, toned look. A gentle pomegranate ferment enzyme instantly clarifies your complexion, followed by a delicate hydrolifting elixir, restorative massage and toning mask leaves you radiant and hydrated.
(No extractions.)

50 minutes $154.21

Roccoco Signature Brightening Treatment

Lighten up with this brilliant blend of plant extracts and peptides. Address all the pathways of pigmentation with Vitamin C, mulberry and orchid extracts. Emerge from this experience looking and feeling bright, soft and hydrated.
(No Extractions.)

50 minutes $154.21

Peptide Perk

You Look Great! This peptide powered infusion treatment starts with a very gentle lactic /mandelic elixir, followed by a cocktail of 4 potent peptides to lift, tone, brighten and firm. A mineral rich seaweed mask to finish will have friends asking what "work" you've had done. A lovely, effective and relaxing experience. (No extractions)

50 minutes $154.21

Other Skin Care Treatments

During this time of Covid19 physical distancing, we are offering this limited boutique menu to minimize exposure time for both clients and staff. We hope to offer more treatments soon! In the meantime, explore our Hydrafacial offerings for
fast, amazing results.

$204 and up

Health Compromised Skin Care

Oncology, Auto-immune disease, Diabetes, Thyroid disorders; our skin can be so unbalanced! Your team at Viriditas is specially trained to assist you and your skin during challenging times. All treatments are fully tailored to your needs, as always.

Help for Acne

Your Acne Specialists at Viriditas are here to help. Learn more on our Acne page.